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iCAERUS Inc. - "Innovating Talent Relationships"

URL : - (not fully launched yet)
Elevator Pitch : Built upon the same principles that have made Customer Relationship Management (CRM) a business necessity, iCAERUS' flagship product, TRM Insight, represents the industry’s first truly integrated suite of Talent Management software applications that enable organizations to proactively acquire, develop, retain and manage high-value relationships with their talent – directly affecting both their bottom line and competitive edge.
Stage : Funded till beta release. Looking for Seed investment to sustain operations through market release and initial commercialization.
Person attending : Atir, Sharad


Elevator Pitch : Share and discover meaningful content on the web with your friends, co-workers and connections.
Glerkp's productivity suite features a clean interface that brings a personalized webmap to your computers and mobiles.
Stage : Self-funded, stealth beta, looking for funding.
Person attending : Richard Piedalue, Gergely Maderspach

Control Yourself

Elevator Pitch : is the platform for ubiquitous microblogging. The flagship site showcases an Open Source platform for building tightly-knit communities that can talk over SMS, IM, the Web, or integrated into other services. The platform is ideal for deploying microblogging tools inside the enterprise firewall that can stay connected to the outside world. Control Yourself, Inc. supports the development of, hosts the main site, and will provide service hosting in Q1 2009. If it were 1994, Twitter would be AOL; we're Apache.
Stage : Closing angel funding round.
Person attending : Evan Prodromou


Elevator Pitch : is an online shopping portal that acts as a middle man between the buyer and the online store. Just in Montreal, less than 25% of the population makes online purchases on a regular basis. brings solutions to those who rarely or never shop online by taking care of all risks, and ordering on their behalves. also brings a better platform to shop and sell locally, and leverages a community-based product search system to help its users find products they are looking for more efficiently.
Stage : Self-funded, planning to launch and to start taking orders by the end of November 2008. Currently looking for partners and long-term investments.
Person attending : Loic Karinda


Elevator Pitch : SmartHippo is a consumer-powered comparison shopping platform for financial products. Our first vertical is U.S. mortgages, and we are the only site to address one of the root causes of the subprime collapse by providing greater transparency and accountability. Our patent pending SmartRate(tm) technology combines lender-supplied rates, publicly-available data and consumer-reported data points to help consumers find the best rate and lender for their specific situation. In late November 2008 SmartHippo will launch a new rate engine featuring real time rates from over 200 lenders. We've been featured in top media including the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance, SmartMoney, The Consumerist and American Banker.
Stage : Self-funded, generating initial revenue, currently working on getting back-end ready to support revenue sharing distribution partnerships with major portals and affiliates.
Person attending : George Favvas, Martin Hudon, Kelly Rusk


Elevator Pitch : Arkalumen is developing the future of light. LED lighting is a technology who's time has come. Lighting in North America is a $20 billion market and accounts for 22% of all electricity consumption. We are rapidly approaching a tipping point where Light Emitting Diodes will become the obvious choice for almost all illumination applications. Our latest LED light engine offers industry leading performance and cost in a consumer lamp application, and early feedback tells us that customers want what we have.
Stage : Self-Funded. Looking for seed-stage investors looking to join us on our adVenture in light.
Person attending : Gerry Briggs and Alok Mohndra

ChoiceBot Inc.

Elevator Pitch : ChoiceBot for e-Retailers is a revolutionary decision-assisting tool that online retailers can add to their shopping site as a widget. ChoiceBot enables shoppers figure out which product to buy from a retailer’s catalog in less than two minutes, instead of the hours or days it can take using conventional product finder tools.
Stage : Angel-financed. Coming out of beta November, 2008. Have customers, looking for new customers & sales channels. Possibly post-seed investment.
Person attending : Nick Desbarats

Reasonably Smart

Elevator Pitch : Reasonably Smart develops and provides an open source Platform-as-a-Service that enables collaborative web application development in an utility (cloud) computing environment.
Stage : Platform operating (Alpha), early stage revenue, looking for Seed Financing to execute the business plan.
Person attending : Bryan Bogensberger, James Duncan

Tiamat Trading

Elevator Pitch : Applying modern research in the field of quantitative finance to the development of software for the creation, testing and optimization of trading and risk management strategies.
Stage : Developing prototype. Looking for bridge financing to take us through Beta to final product.
Person attending : Ismail Negm, Hugo Duncan

PPI Multimedia

Elevator Pitch : PPI communicates your message and knowledge with state of the art Webconferencing, market research, marketing and advanced communication tools.
Stage : Self-funded, currently setting-up production partnerships. Looking for short term project funding VC or Angel partners for our customers.
Person attending : Benoit Lamontagne


Elevator Pitch : Studies show that a shopper is more likely to buy if he is with someone than if he is alone. Clavardon helps online stores improve their conversation rate by enabling instant collaborative shopping between visitors on their Website.
Stage : Self-funded, currently setting-up sales channels and partnerships.
Person attending : Jonathan Stoikovitch

MaestroReading Inc.

Elevator Pitch : MaestroReading helps children learn to love reading by delivering fun educational content through a social entertainment platform - we're the future world leaders in socially-driven edutainment.
Stage : Pre-seed angel funding secured, currently seeking $1M in angel funding.
Person attending : Danny Iny


Elevator Pitch : Webentrepot develops, hosts and manages dynamic web sites for its clients. E-commerce, specifically online wholesale and retail catalogues are a particular focus for the company.
Stage : self-funded looking for additional clients and technologies.
Person attending : Dan Ferguson

Standout Jobs

Elevator Pitch : Standout Jobs empowers companies to recruit more effectively online, by providing a SaaS platform to develop their employer brand, market jobs and engage more readily with job seekers.
Stage : VC and angel funded. Launched in January 2008.
Person attending : Benjamin Yoskovitz


Elevator Pitch : YowTRIP is a social platform for world travelers. It connects people with similar travel interests so they can meet and travel together in the real world.
Stage : Self-funded, looking for funding, looking for partnerships.
Person attending : Felipe Coimbra

Feeling Software

Elevator Pitch : Feeling Real enables anyone to easily create 3D models of everyday objects and environments in a few minutes, with a regular camera. Feeling Software also offers 3D graphics consulting services to high-profile clients like Google, Adobe and Sony.
Stage : Self-funded, working prototype
Person attending : Christian Laforte, Joshua Koopferstock

2XM Labs

Elevator Pitch : 2XM Labs is actively working on a yet-to-be-announced über-cool 3D media visualization and browsing technology. We're also proud to work as a software consultant for clients such as Mozilla (graphics quality & performance tuning of Firefox3!) and Siemens Corporate Research (saving lives through 3D graphics is very cool).
Stage : Self-funded
Person attending : Antoine Azar


URL : - (not launched yet)
Elevator Pitch : Dokdok is a disruptive approach to document management. Designed for small businesses, that are painfully sharing documents both internally and externally, Dokdok offers a decentralized document management system that simply uses existing email software (Outlook, webmail, thunderbird) as the interface for synchronizing and managing individual files and their various versions. Dokdok has fixed the mess of email attachments without replacing the commonly used email process.
Stage : Self-funded, working prototype tested by users. Looking for seed capital
Person attending : Bruno Morency


Elevator Pitch : Weedee is a collaborative environment showcasing the people and companies that make up the social fabric of the world. Its aim is to offer a unified and globally accessible view of human and corporate interactions that have defined and continue defining the world, showcasing the stories, events, and achievements of each and every one of us, offering a new outlet that recognizes the best in us.
Stage : Self-funded, private Beta proof of concept (10,000+ profiles). Looking for investment and unobtrusive sales channels
Person attending : Mohannad El-Barachi David Li

Excel Linguistic Institute

Elevator Pitch : Language remains a key barrier to workplace
integration for recent foreign professionals. ELI addresses this
problem with its innovative and flexible English / French language
training program. At a later stage, ELI hopes to capitalize on its
partnerships to match unemployed and underemployed foreign professionals
with companies affected by the shortage of skilled workers.
Stage :
Person attending : Tanveer Amin

Unnamed Company

Elevator Pitch : A multi-platform content production company creating and distributing hyper-local information designed to connect and reconnect people with their neighborhoods while also enabling tourists
to feel like locals.
Stage : Self-funded while developing proof of concept. Looking for seed financing.
Person attending : Chris 'Zeke' Hand


Elevator Pitch : YourTeleDoctor is going to offer live video consultations with physicians over the Internet. YourTeleDoctor is providing an easy to use plateform, where healthcare consumers can consult with physicians anytime, in the intimacy of their home, or anywhere. It is bringing high quality healthcare service to you.
Stage : Self funded. Closed pilot tests with a large healthcare institution. Development of a stable working version. Looking for mentorship and seed-funding.
Person attending : Mehdi Akiki


Elevator Pitch : Markopia is a social networking and bookmarking website that provides individual, business, and educational users with the framework to save and organize their Web favorites - from URLs to podcasts to YouTube videos - to a simple personal profile that can be updated at anytime, from anywhere. Markopia will also integrate elements of social networking, such as contact lists and comment boxes, and interconnects the major social media platforms of today to give users clutter-free, one-stop access to all their "saved and faved".Essentially, Markopia is a unique concept, blossoming out of the social media ecosystem, drawing upon key elements of social networking and bookmarking that have never been woven together before. Markopia is an organizer, a time-saver, and a bridge between people, information, and platforms. It is, in an increasingly oversaturated Web 2.0, a necessary sanctuary for necessary information.
Stage : Self-funded, looking for funding.
Person attending : Greg Isenberg, Jarett Moyse

Gamerizon Studio

Elevator Pitch : Gamerizon is a newly formed casual games development studio. Currently completing the development of its first independent-IP title called QuantZ, the next generation in puzzle-action entertainment! The team focuses on bringing to market highly innovative and addictive gameplay by combining years of game design & development experience, focusing on digital distribution and bringing the fun back into games. Open positions for scheme developpers!!!
Stage : angel funded
Person attending : Dominique Bélanger

Newtrax Technologies Inc.

Elevator Pitch : Newtrax is a manufacturer of battery-powered wireless electronic systems for industrial and military applications. Newtrax self-contained systems are designed to last years on D size batteries and have a 100% decentralized architecture with no single point of failure. Applications include tracking in underground mines, perimeter surveillance in remote areas and monitoring of sensors in harsh environments.
Stage : Profitable. Looking for top technical talent (wireless sensor network software in C/C++) and for angel investors from the mining or military industry to reinforce its board of directors.
Person attending : Alexandre Cervinka


Elevator Pitch : is a site for collecting statistics information about number of indexed pages in internet for a keyword.
Stage :
Person attending : Didier Rano

The U of Me

Elevator Pitch : A subscription web service for US and Canadian families entering the university admissions process. Emphasis on easy to use social/collaboration tools, a supportive low-stress atmosphere, and a lean approach to building the business.
Stage : Self-funded, currently researching the market and developing a Phase I entry point. Seeking partnerships and web developers.
Person attending : Mike Deutsch

R&D Partners

Elevator Pitch : R&D Partners helps companies looking to develop the next big thing get the funding they need to make it happen. We specialize in government funding programs aimed to help finance technology development but also work with companies to get them other forms of financing as well.
Stage :
Person attending : Mike Lee, Roger Amos

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